Hi, I’m Ron. I’m on the verge of 41 and finally getting around to something I’ve had the bug for since I was probably 10 years old. I’m going for my Private Pilot License.

I suppose you could call it a midlife crisis.  That, at least in part, is true but as those who are on the same track know, this stuff ain’t cheap. Sure, I could have done this 15 years ago but at that time there were certainly other priorities both for my time and my money.

Now, I’m at a time and place in life where I can make this investment, push myself to learn something new and oh yes…FLY AN AIRPLANE! That, to me is where the wonder is and wow is it fun. And, well, it’s also a challenge.

Every step on the journey is going to present something new, something cool, something humbling, and something to learn. The flight hours go by so quickly and to say you are drinking from a firehose is an understatement. My mind is always on record though so this blog is a chance to play it back. Consolidate what I’ve experienced, remind myself where I need to put more work in, and move the journey forward.

Hopefully along the way I’ll connect with a few others..learn, share, and grow from the experience.


One thought on “About

  1. paywindow7

    Your experience and mine are similar in that I got the “bug” at age twelve and had to keep postponing flight training until I retired. Life kept getting in the way. But at last at age 61 I took my first flight lesson and I would not trade the experience for anything.
    Good luck to you.


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