Fly It, You’ll Like It!

I was 90% there in my mind to pursue my Private Pilot’s License but this program sealed the deal for me. Far better than a Discovery Flight which, in general, is a financial loss for the school, this program gives you a real (and yes, loggable) honest introduction to flight training at a discounted rate and with zero on-going commitment…unless, of course, you want to! And you will want to.

Cumberland Valley Aviation

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Fly It… You’ll Like It!

Flight Training Course

Cumberland Valley Aviation is offering a new way to get you started flying. The “Fly It, You’ll Like It” course. This course is designed to let you ‘try-on’ your flight training and see if you like it with a small commitment. It allows you to master the basics of flying and learn what is involved in earning your Private Pilot’s License. You receive the same training as a person enrolled in the complete Private Pilot Course. If you decide to continue, Nothing is lost….you will continue to work towards your first solo flight!! Why put it off any longer??

The course includes:

 3 hours of flight training with a Certified Flight Instructor in a Cessna 172 or Piper Archer II.

 2 hours of Ground Instruction

 1 Pilot Log Book

 Cost: $585.00

 The sky’s the limit!


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