Waiting for the sun to shine

Holidays, Maintenance, CFI Vacation, and, well, the cycle of weather have all been in force for the past few weeks.  It’s the equivalent of the triple critical in biorhythms.

Holidays..Check…well, until the next round.


CFI Vacation…Check


Not from here but might as well be…

Hoping by tomorrow it clears up.  Hoping the next lesson is more building on what I know instead of remedial training.

In the meantime, as always, a lot of aviation related thoughts, particularly about organization, situational awareness, and staying in front of the plane. Every flight is an opportunity to improve and even though I often get upset at my “performance”, once I get back home and think it through, I inevitably come back to that core belief.  That’s when the events of the flight get fully processed and a lot of the learning occurs. That’s when I am ready to get out there again.

When everything is in balance…I found this today and I love it.

Here’s to Crushing It.



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