Milestone: Ground School

After 12 weeks of group study, none of which, incidentally, was ever cancelled due to low ceilings, poor visibility, or weather, I am now formally finished with Ground School. Logbook is endorsed.  Now just a matter of scheduling the exam within the next 60 days. 

Advice was to do a quick refresh on any trouble areas and schedule the exam as quickly as possible. Sounds like a plan…until it isn’t.

2 “local” exam centers. Exams are given mornings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Weekdays are pretty much out although that is negotiable which leaves Saturday.

Nope…can’t do Saturday mornings for a few weeks…goin’ flyin!

Once the exam is out of the way, education most definitely continues. is where I’ve been lately.  Living in southern PA a lot of our flights can come close or into the DC SFRA. That training is essentially mandatory unless of course we would like a Blackhawk escort to the Gettysburg airport for some friendly conversation.

Already scheduled for my “post graduate” work:

Takeoff and Landing Hazard Avoidance — New Castle DE

VFR/IFR Flight Planning and Preflight Preparation — Medford, NJ

Key point…these are both out of town…hmm, how to get there???



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