Flight 1 – Well, not yet – 2/10/2013

Another week of watching the weather. This time it was looking great. Windy and cloudy on Saturday but Sunday looked ideal.

Cold, calm, clear.

Good sleep the night before. Had all my paperwork in order.

8:30AM: Time to get the weather briefing.  First, email check. I don’t have an email but a missed phone call.

It’s from the flight instructor. Called her back and was informed that the plan was not in the hangar over night and it would be too cold to start. My initial thought is optimistic.  It could be an hour or so delay while the air warms up. Nope. She asked when the next time I would be available. I asked if there was anything else available for the day…Nope. I can only assume they were fully booked. Since I was first flight, I was first casualty.

Weekdays with still early sunsets don’t really mesh with the work schedule so it’s now Saturday at 10AM. I was totally dejected. I took a walk. At 10:15AM I noticed no less than 3 GA aircraft lazily turning in the skies above my house. That stung. Part of me wonders if, perhaps, the plane was able to start after all and through some act of deception I was bumped out of my time. Part of me was happy I could read tail numbers from where I was.

The weather stayed ideal all day.

My son and I launched his rocket 3 times with total success (quite different than my youthful rocket experiments). At least somebody got to fly.

Humbling moment: I can tell patience is going to be a problem here…

And so now…I begin to watch the weather again.


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