Class 1 – Flight Service Station – 2/13/2013

After a few weeks of emailing back and forth, I was ready to go out for my first flight lesson in pursuit of my private pilot’s license.The first 3 hours would be as a participant in Cumberland Valley Aviation’s Fly It You’ll Like It program. A nice, no commitment introduction.

In the days leading up to the lesson I was eagerly watching the weather. Initially it was supposed to be quite windy. I had already watched a fair number of YouTube videos on testy cross wind landings. That didn’t scare me off and I reasoned that I might as well get some stomach churning flights under my belt early on to ensure I was cut out for it.

Sunday came and the winds had died down. Of course, the clouds had also moved in. MVFR conditions all morning.


Rather than scrap the time, my flight instructor provided me 1.5 hours of ground school.

Flight Service Station – Getting a weather briefing.

In all, pretty straight forward.

The humbling experience: Despite being a world traveller and expert time zone skipper, I totally fumbled the Zulu time conversion. Fortunately, my briefer was not too put off by blunder, simply informing me that I was giving him a Zulu departure time 1 hour in the past. Ok…I’ve got that now.

I was able to read back the brief to my instructor’s satisfaction and got my log book signed.

Ready to do it for real.

The scratch pad I used for the briefing worked in the test but I’ve since created my own standardized template for next time.


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